Baby, Wagons and Doggies

Micah and his watch doggies sharing crackers…love this image!!

San Diego Natural Kids Photographer

I was laughing so hard when the doggies wanted some of Micah’s crackers! I have a whole series of images that are adorable!

Babies, Wagons, and Doggies: Micah in Radio Flyer Wagon

Look at this face! What a cutie!

Babies, Wagons, and Doggies: Mom, Dad and Micah

This is one of my favorite ways to pose a family with a little one. I can get there faces close to the same level while being casual and fun! It shows Micah’s cute little feet too!

Babies, Wagons, and Doggies: Micah's doggies on the bed

The dogs took over the bed after the photo session….I couldn’t resist taking a photo of them!