Lynley and Family

I’ve been photographing Ashley and Brian since their wedding in 2008.

It was at her Grandparents house. Guess who was in town recently???

Her Grandparents! So happy I got to see them again!

They came down for Easter and Ashley’s birthday so I got to capture some

very precious moments with their great granddaughter!!

Ashley’s Grandpa is one strong guy who’s still working at 73… maybe that’s what keeps him so strong!!

Did I mention that he has a cool Chevy pick up truck like my Grandpa did!!

His was a 1963 and mine was a 1965! Loved that truck!! Love these images!

Lynley and Family: Sitting in Grandparents Lap

Lynley and Family: Lynley Posing for Camera

Lynley and Family: Dad Kissing Lynley

San Diego Family Photographer: Terri Rippee

Lynley and Family: Lynley's Grandma and Grampa