Lovely Amiliya – she’s a gorgegous newborn

This lovely little newborn is Amiliya. I can’t wait to photograph her as she changes so fast during her first year! Her parents will have a storybook to treasure forever with images of 5 photo sessions where Amiliya is the star!

San Diego Newborn Photographer

Love it when newborns sleep…they just can’t get any cuter!

Newborn Baby Amiliya: Dad Holding Baby Amiliya

Newborns are so tiny and precious

Newborn Ellie is Welcomed to the World

Newborn Baby Ellie arrives and her parents are in awe. What a cutie pie!

Newborn Baby Ellie: Doing What Newborns do Best

I think yellow and purple will be newborn Ellie’s favorite colors

Newborn Baby Ellie: Held by Parents

Instant love when it comes to babies!!

San Diego Newborn Photographer

Precious sleeping newborn…….shhhhhhhhhhh

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