Superman Kids: Natural Kids Photography

Liam had his birthday party with Superman masks and capes…
I just had to do a photo session with him and his little brother!! 

I’ve been photographing these brothers since before the were born.
They both have storybooks that capture their first year of growing up!

Boy Superman: Superboy Revealing Himself

Boy Superman: Boy and Dad as SupermanSan Diego Natural Kids PhotographerBoy Superman:  Superman Smiling at CameraBoy Superman: Two Boys in Superman Capes

I have so much fun chasing them around and getting giggles and smiles!!

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Twins Cy & Gavin at Casper’s Wilderness Park in San Juan Capistrano

These adorable twins are part of my RippeeKids One Year Photography Program. This top image was when they were a month old. The following images are from their latest session…it’s amazing how fast they grow up!!

Twins Cy and Gavin: When they were youngerI loved photographing twins Cy and Gavin during their latest photo session at Casper’s Wilderness Park in San Juan Capistrano.  The boys loved running around playing with all the sticks and leaves!  Gavin wanted to hold his mom’s hand most of the time.  Cy was a ham for the camera, especially when he put his little hat on!  I’ve been photographing these two since they were born….look how much they have grown up!

San Diego Natural Kids Photography

Twins Cy and Gavin at Caspers Wilderness: Holding Moms Hand

Twins Cy and Gavin at Caspers Wilderness: With Dad