Borrego Springs Wedding: Great Thank You Note From Bride and Groom


“Terri!!! I was just at my OBGYN and saw a picture on the wall that looked

so familiar, then I realized I’ve seen it on your website!! Then I noticed it said

Rippee Photography below it!! Awwwwwwww so proud!!!! Of course I had

to tell all the girls there that you did my wedding and how awesome you are :)”



Gail Kraft

Gail hired you as a Photographer in 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Terri Rippee is photographer extraordinaire! She has an eye for light and

details, she has creativity for what best represents you and she has the

skill to pull it all together for just the right presentation. She will

capture memories that will last a lifetime, and beyond. These are not just

pictures, they are art.” July 27, 2012


Jessica Barna

Jessica hired you as a Photographer in 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Terri is so passionate about photography, capturing your memories, and it

shows! Her business is so classy, her photos are stunning, and she’s a

wonderful person to work with.” January 22, 2012


Rich Phillips

Business Coach, Action Coach (business partner)

was with another company when working with you

“Terri is the right photographer if you are looking for a superior

experience. Her attention to detail and her ability to take the right “shot”

separates her from other photographers. She is professional in her approach

with a warmth that is evident in the memories she creates. I would recommend

Terri to anyone, business owner to new mom, for a superior experience…”

September 23, 2010


Aimee Morris

Aimee hired you as a Photographer in 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“I did not know Terri when my children were younger. Had I known her then, I

would have had her take their pictures. Her belly shots and baby pictures

could not be cuter. I did hire her for my professional head shot, and I am

not photogenic. Terri did not give up until she took just the right shot to

make me look my best. Thank you, Terri, for making me look good! Aimee

Morris Attorney” August 26, 2010


Mistie Breen

Mistie hired you as a Photographer in 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Terri is AMAZING! I always hate photos of myself. But not when Terri took

my headshot. After the photo shoot I was able to view the photos right away

on her computer. I had a tough time deciding which ones I liked best. They

all turned out great. Terri is so creative and fun to be around! I would

recommend her services to anyone and everyone I know. Thanks for making it

so seem so easy Terri!” September 16, 2010


Dan Weik

Dan hired you as a Photographer in 2010 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Terri Rippee is “The Best Photographer I know” hands down. Not only is her

work incredible, but she is very unique and gives a timeless masterpiece of

art when it comes to your family portraits on canvas. Hire Terri without

hesitation and be glad you fortunate enough to work with her, she’s an

amazing spirit, I’m confident you’ll love her.” September 16, 2010


Chris Bott

Chris hired you as a Photographer in 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“You won’t find a better professional photographer here or in Europe than

Terri! She combines the very best attributes of a sensitive artist and

skilled technician – all wrapped up in a fun, enthusiastic dynamo – check

her out!” September 16, 2010


Jeff St. John

Jeff hired you as a Photographer in 2008 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Terri has photographed my engagement, wedding, and niece’s baby portraits,

and I’ve been exceptionally pleased with each shoot. I initially chose Terri

based on her design background and the quality of work I saw in examples of

her photography. After my first session with her, I decided to continue

using her as my go-to photographer because of her excellent work ethic,

quality work, and highly personable demeanor.” November 14, 2009


Brenda Jones

Brenda hired you as a Photographer in 2006 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

“”Terri is my only choice when it comes to exceptional photography. She has

captured incredible memories for my client’s wedding – what an outstanding

job! For my professional images of interior design projects, I call Terri to

shoot those. She has a touch unlike any I have ever seen and makes the

experience so enjoyable. Memorable. Terri photographed my precious little

grandson, Kai, whose picture is on her business cards for children. I love

her! I love her work! She will always receive the highest of recommendation

from me.”” November 12, 2009


Jason Zinn

Jason hired you as a Photographer in 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Terri is an amazing photographer. As an amateur enthusiastic photographer

myself I was really drawn to her fine art photography. When it came to

choose a photographer for our wedding the choice was rather easy. Who better

to capture the most important day of our lives. Her style and enthusiasm is

second to none. I’ve since photographed a couple weddings myself and they

are no easy task. She does it with style, grace and a smile. Great

photography takes a lot of work and Terri really takes care of you and works

long hours after the fact to ensure your satisfaction. I hope you enjoy

working with her and maintaining a friendship with her as we have. She’s a

true professional and gets great results.” November 11, 2009


Kitty McGee

Kitty hired you as a Photographer in 2000 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

“Terri has a wonderful eye and is a joy to work with. She always brings out

the best in her subjects and creates wonderful photographs.” November 11,



Jon Good

Jon hired you as a Photographer in 2008 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Terri originally did my personal head shots. I was thrilled at how well she

took such a bland project and made it unique, artistic, expressive and

simply better than anyone else can do that I’ve come across. Consequently,

we asked Terri to photograph my daughter’s first year through multiple

stages. The results are OUTSTANDING! We now have a bank of beautiful and

artistic images of our daughter as she has grown. Terri’s work is

extraordinary. It’s fun, creative, expressive, and her unique style ads a

wonderful glow to our home. I recommend Terri’s work highly for your family,

your kids, your wedding, or whatever big occasion you’ve got. Let Terri

capture it and make it totally unforgettable. And the shoots are so much

fun!” November 11, 2009


Mark Nicole

“I often refer to Terri as the best photographer I know. If you check out

her web site and check out her work, you will quickly understand why. She

has an incredible passion for her work and, knowing her personally, she

works her butt off. Caring for her clients and delivering high quality, top

notch service and product is very important to her. I strongly recommend you

check Terri out and see if “Wow!” doesn’t also come to mind for you.”

November 21, 2009