Kimi and Kellan Wedding

We are thrilled to announce the marriage of Kimi and Kellan. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a wonderful time. Kimi and Kellan met when Kellan was just a baby and they had an immediate connection that grew into a bond that we celebrated on their very special day.
We would like to share our favorite photos with you, we had an amazing photographer, this day was made even more special by her. Terri Rippee, designed our tables and calmed the brides nerves.
The Fiona Gallery, made us these beautiful wine glasses, you can get some of your very own! There is a limited amount available but can be purchased at
The catering was amazing, this wonderful meal and dessert was made possible by Three Dog Bakery in Del Mar CA. Sue Noble is the owner and if you are ever in need of some very special and healthy divine dog treats please give her a call. (858) 793-0755 or visit
The flowers, by Adorations Botanical Artistry, were a sophisticated burst of color which brought the entire look of the wedding together. Not only was our table beautiful but the bride wore her flowers with pride. Thanks to LaVonne Crawford of Adorations Botanical Artistry we had wonderful touch of elegance.

Our entire bridal party was dressed by Sexy Beast Dog Collars. Kellan looks amazing with her Sexy Beast Dog Collar Lapsi, Kellan and Fiona, Oakhurst, Oakhurst and Arifi, all looking beautiful in Sexy Beast Dog Collars. The Groomsmen looking divine in Sexy Beast. Kimi, Deano and Bodhi (Arifi, Oakhurst and Rainbowhill) Kimi is also wearing a very special addition to his Sexy Beast Dog Collar, he has a Sisu Bead. Sisu Beads are a discreet and beautiful way to have a tangible way to show your love for a loved one who is no longer with us. Hold Honor Love, these beads are hand made with the cremated remains, fur or hair from a loved one.
We hope you have enjoyed our photos by Terri Rippee, and invite you to celebrate with us, with a toast! Order your Fiona Gallery wine glass and have a drink with us!

The bride and groom will Honeymoon at Fiesta Island. Please no gifts, but we would like to ask you to go to and sign up to become a member. It is free and it will help save the best dog park we have ever been to!

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Featuring the new Fiona WINE GLASSESS
Fiona is a Rhodesian Ridgeback who loves being the inspiration behind The Fiona Gallery

Dog collar, floral arrangement and some props: Adorations Botanical Artistry
LaVonne Crawford
(619) 225-1915

Photography and table design:
Terri Rippee ~ Rippee Photography
(619) 306-4591

Doggie Treats
(858) 793 0755
Beautiful, discreet, elegant memorial beads made of ceramic and your loved ones remains.
(619) 961-5743